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Thaniel Ion Lee

Statement About This Work

We as a group individuals have an innate curiosity about people who look or act differently from us, and as a person who looks obviously different than ninety-nine percent of the populous of my species I have answered questions from random people of all ages and creeds, and I have had to encourage people who obviously had questions to ask what was on his or hers mind. These questions have ranged from the extremely mundane to the out right bizarre, and in one way or form I have answered every single question that I have been asked. Trust me Ive heard them all...or have I.

That is where both you and this web site comes in, between the days of march 8th and april 8th 2008 I will be answering any and all questions you may or may not have. Your questions will be answered according to the rules and regulations of this work, most will be answered politely, and all questions and answers will be available and archived.

Rules And Regulations
  1. anything can be asked.
  2. all questions must be answered.
  3. all questions must be answered with in forty-eight hours of being asked.
  4. yes, no and none of your business are all valid answers to any question asked.
  5. all questions and answers must be archived and made available to the public.
How To Ask A Question, And Where Will Your Answer Be Located
  • fill out the form below.
  • wait forty-eight hours.
  • after the alloted time your question and its answer will be located in the archive.
  • the archive is located here.

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