nine hundred and one i statements
2004 - 2007
thaniel ion lee

000. I will not kiss your ass for money

001. I want to be your king

002. I cannot speak to you when you look at me like you do when your crying

003. I am older then you think

004. I am wiser than you think

005. I will not let you break me into a thousand stereo types

006. I will only hurt you

007. I want to hold your hand

008. I will die for you

009. I will not say yes

010. I care for your wounded

011. I seam to be working toward an unreachable goal

012. I am not this work of art

013. I am a politician without an office

014. I am not content with my life

015. I am the reason why books are burned

016. I do not know who I am

017. I hope you are who you think you are

018. I want more then what I can ever have

019. I can only see what I allow myself to see

020. I can only be what my collected knowledge allows me to be

021. I need to lose weight

022. I underestimate my own weaknesses

023. I saw you and we spoke for a minute or two about god and other random things

024. I am perfect in ways only I can see

025. I sleep in an unmade bed

026. I am not the united states of America

027. I hope you can understand this

028. I can no longer trust my government

029. I think I think too much

030. I simplify things down too much

031. I am not willing to die for my country

032. I do not want to be a father

033. I will take time to learn how not to speak

034. I cannot allow others to speak for me

035. I open my mouth to let my foot in

036. I have been known to surrender

037. I have been known to stare back

038. I have been known to talk just to hear the sound of my own voice

039. I will learn how to forget

040. I understand very small thoughts

041. I appropriate my own thoughts

042. I have decided on this moment to tell you how much I fear the future

043. I want nothing of this

044. I must not let this happen

045. I was born for this moment

046. I need it more then I want it

047. I love her more then she will ever know

048. I fuck up more then you think I do

049. I cannot give more then I have

050. I won't take more then I can sell on the black market

051. I will look toward the sky

052. I am flawed to the point of perfection

053. I steal music off the internet

054. I make fun of the handicapped

055. I still believe in the good of mankind

056. I get soft in the presence of kittens

057. I admit to being the least strongest of all the super heros I know

058. I want to be the weaker sex

059. I am an atheist that prays for salvation

060. I can do anything that I want

061. I give . . . you take

062. I was never a straight A student

063. I am a very special person

064. I left you here so you can find your own way

065. I am only as smart as the next guy is stupid

066. I was once a small child

067. I am tired of sleeping

068. I would paint the sky red for your amusement

069. I am not this skin

070. I will not sit silently

071. I am full of shit

072. I love her because she tells me that I must love her

073. I am only this sentence

074. I will stretch my self thin enough to use my self as a parachute

075. I will will my self to die in your arms

076. I will commit my self to fighting the good fight

077. I will improve my self just enough to frustrate my self

078. I fear fear its self

079. I know your deepest secret

080. I believe everything you say

081. I might one day say nothing

082. I won't make you sad

083. I love her for reasons that I cannot speak

084. I hold hands in public

085. I am not a product of my environment

086. I am a war prisoner

087. I am a needy person

088. I am a good person

089. I am a complex person with simple needs

090. I survive on my own

091. I will eat my own soul

092. I might figure this out one day

093. I whore my self out to the cheapest bidder

094. I will do what others refuse to do

095. I voted for the other guy

096. I am not the only one who thinks this way

097. I refuse to speak only when spoken to

098. I will get you one day

099. I am the only one who understands how it feels to be me

100. I refuse to survive on my own

101. I caused a riot on the other side of the globe

102. I will not rest on my past failures

103. I am a number on a chart

104. I am the voice of god

105. I own a piece of current history

106. I am the owner of my thought's

107. I build castles out of wind and clouds

108. I am the god of war

109. I am the CEO of a major corporation

110. I am still afraid of the dark

111. I waste away for nothing

112. I want what does not exist yet

113. I am only as normal as I feel

114. I will seek the nomination for the president on the united states of America

115. I will wash your new born child

116. I want to feel needed

117. I have nothing I need

118. I will not will myself to die

119. I will not refuse myself happiness

120. I will not fuck myself over this time

121. I cannot surrender to my own insecurities

122. I seldom surrender to my own ego

123. I will not let my past accomplishments dictate my future actions

124. I will not give my self everything I want

125. I have stolen from my own mouth

126. I must not forget my future plans

127. I will not forget my soul

128. I will not forget my friends

129. I will not destroy my self for my own enjoyment

130. I wanted this all my life

131. I am not the museum I visit

132. I secretly cry at movies

133. I believe in you more everyday

134. I love my nation more then my nation loves me

135. I have only these moments and no more will be given to me

136. I wish you a merry x-mas

137. I am a white man

138. I move just to make a sound

139. I believe in sex magic

140. I have nothing to lose through the process of giving into my self

141. I am a drug lord

142. I must learn to live with empty space

143. I can no longer live like this

144. I speak to be listened to by people who take the time to listen to people like me

145. I stay up and listen to you talk in your sleep

146. I love my surroundings like a drunk loves his stepchildren

147. I wish I wished less and did more

148. I slept with you last night and you should know that you are a very sound sleeper

149. I shift through unwanted knowledge

150. I will walk without knees

151. I am a sloppy kisser

152. I am fifty percent Irish

153. I saw everything slip into the ocean

154. I burned a hole into the ozone

155. I must not wallow in my past achievements

156. I cannot summarize this in one sentence

157. I believe in safety in numbers

158. I will not live in the past

159. I want to color in a beautiful coloring book made of pixie dust and witches blood

160. I look like an idiot

161. I am the thoughts I think

162. I wish for things I cannot buy

163. I seam smarter then I really am

164. I seam dumber then I really am

165. I am the product I buy

166. I am the person I said I would never become

167. I am the person I make love to

168. I am the person I vote for

169. I am the god I pray to

170. I just want everything I cannot have

171. I like you but I don't love you

172. I love you but I don't need you

173. I am only a human being

174. I will not forget how to love

175. I must not forget how to cry for others

176. I must not forget how to laugh at myself

177. I am my own hero

178. I should not be here

179. I feel very light headed

180. I fear that I have never actually been in love

181. I am only as happy as I allow myself to be

182. I cannot control your happiness

183. I will hold your hand as you die

184. I take what you give me

185. I use others to get my way

186. I want to be forgotten

187. I must one day forgive myself

188. I speak in a foreign tongue

189. I cannot forgive my fore fathers

190. I cannot do this for nothing

191. I won't be there for you

192. I can only speak for my self when I say that I consider you a friend

193. I wrote this sentence for you and only you

194. I am indirectly responsible for the murder of innocent civilians

195. I refuse to apologize for feeling what I feel

196. I will work for food

197. I kiss my lovers finger tips

198. I am a father figure

199. I wish upon a falling star

200. I am an art fag

201. I kiss my lovers eyes

202. I know all ill ever know

203. I can only speak English

204. I will forget my enemies

205. I got a straight edge

206. I underestimate my own dreams

207. I am full of dreams

208. I need someone who does not need me

209. I expect others to do what I cannot do

210. I am an innocent civilian

211. I am basically a child in an adult body

212. I believe that numbness can be very useful

213. I said everything I can say and refuse to repeat myself

214. I care for everyone but me

215. I will help you bury your loved ones

216. I am a silly boy

217. I am not the books I read

218. I will raise the black flag

219. I will try my best to not talk behind your back

220. I am great in bed

221. I slumber it a bed of clouds

222. I love sunny weather, because the sun brings the rain

223. I hear your heart beating

224. I must learn to be weaker

225. I want everything to be as it wasn't and never will be again

226. I will learn to be less emotionally self sufficient

227. I want you to be what you have always wanted to be and never thought you could be

228. I am only a bag of bones

229. I once ate a bag of cookies

230. I was once an average person

231. I will make an attempt to change the world

232. I buy my clothes at k-mart

233. I am very angry at you

234. I am a bad artist

235. I am not an artist

236. I would like to apologize for any future inconsiderate vocal diarrhea I may or may not say to you

237. I will not do anything else today

238. I will not be another statistic

239. I stutter when im angry

240. I was born naked and crying

241. I am the dumb American

242. I know that I am an idiot

243. I will not live alone

244. I will eat myself alive

245. I call myself an adult

246. I am not an adult

247. I will not worry about things I cannot control

248. I spell colour with a u

249. I want to start a sun cult

250. I will figure out a way to escape my situation

251. I am nothing but a piece of lower middle class white trash

252. I will not be a member of the forgotten hordes of the politically unimportant

253. I will not be a number

254. I want to be a pretty princess

255. I will not be a flower in your hat

256. I cared for you

257. I bought into you

258. I weep for you

259. I prey for you

260. I will pervert you

261. I care for you

262. I love pale women

263. I fear dark water

264. I create nothing useful

265. I sex you up

266. I am not ugly

267. I am not this

268. I helped a terrorist

269. I need constant supervision

270. I hate the sun

271. I grasp at straws

272. I will trust strangers

273. I suck at sports

274. I cannot say sorry

275. I am very sorry

276. I am not sorry

277. I am a snob

278. I am a slut

279. I make love slowly

280. I like your shoe's

281. I believe in revolution

282. I wish for rain

283. I am a pornographer

284. I am a pony

285. I write love poems

286. I am a pervert

287. I blame no one

288. I end this now

289. I cannot say no

290. I am my nation

291. I take midday naps

292. I am a motherfucker

293. I hate long months

294. I am a minority

295. I eat red meat

296. I will be mayor

297. I am a majority

298. I believe in magic

299. I understand very little

300. I taste her lip's

301. I am a jerk

302. I am a gimp

303. I am easily fooled

304. I kill for food

305. I am my flesh

306. I burned a flag

307. I miss my father

308. I determine my fate

309. I am under educated

310. I steal from children

311. I empty trash cans

312. I should know better

313. I think you're beautiful

314. I end sentences badly

315. I can do anything

316. I am the anti-Christ

317. I am an American

318. I cannot sleep alone

319. I am an addict

320. I was born abnormal

321. I sleep alone

322. I hear silence

323. I need this

324. I am smiling

325. I own this

326. I am Einstein

327. I slump forward

328. I help nothing

329. I feel numb

330. I need money

331. I cannot type

332. I am blameless

333. I fear needles

334. I am sex

335. I walk funny

336. I drink vodka

337. I am lead

338. I feel heavier

339. I waste water

340. I suffer needlessly

341. I have killed

342. I will die

343. I saw it

344. I got it

345. I remember you

346. I miss her

347. I miss him

348. I see nothing

349. I love you

350. I hate you

351. I am homeless

352. I am superman

353. I am I

354. I rest

355. I fuck

356. I inhaled

357. I rot

358. I create

359. I eat

360. I seek you out in the darkest places

361. I will not give a fuck

362. I masturbate nightly

363. I hate pink floyd

364. I will learn how to suck eggs

365. I will protest this sentence til the day I die

366. I forgot

367. I know the name of god

368. I am nothing and nothing can destroy the universe

369. I hate you only as much as you hate me

370. I will sex your sister up

371. I am without sin, and because of this only I am allowed to throw stones

372. I bought it

373. I got your mother stoned

374. I am the sex gimp

375. I piss every morning

376. I am getting sleepy

377. I am awake and it is 1235 am

378. I want you to french kiss me as hard as you can

379. I need to get laid by a large woman with red hair, but that being said ... any color of hair will do

380. I heart your youngest aunt

381. I am into some kinky ass shit

382. I once believed in the purity of children

383. I skull jazz

384. I thought about my thoughts, and I think my thoughts are a tad thoughtless

385. I need to know your needs

386. I read that book and I thought it was boring, full of plot holes, and run on sentences

387. I was going to write something smart here, but I changed my mind, and wrote this bullshit

388. I think Duchamp was full of it, but I still respect him

389. I want to have wild unprotected monkey sex with Jenny Holzer

390. I am a European American and that is ok

391. I am against it

392. I think suicide is selfish

393. I am 666

394. I will not allow my fellow human beings to be treated like animals

395. I wont want anymore

396. I am related to the Baldwin brothers

397. I ask not and want not

398. I use art as a weapon

399. I forced it

400. I also need the blue sky to rain clear water, and clean sunshine

401. I will lick your knees

402. I question your honesty

403. I am the king of England

404. I only need two turn tables and a microphone

405. I see a black door and I want to paint it brown

406. I am into yoga, but yoga isn't into me

407. I have come to terms with my past

408. I rise up

409. I cannot escape this sensation of concern

410. I haphazardly put this together in hopes of impressing you with my lack of attempt to impress you

411. I am an artistic cannibal

412. I have never voted republican

413. I wish I was a homosexual

414. I feel [blank] when you [blank]

415. I hate Damien Hurst

416. I am 138

417. I secretly worship the ground Bob Ross walks on

418. I am to sexy for my body

419. I will punish you with kisses

420. I think Jewish women are very erotic

421. I think power corrupts, but it doesn't stop me from seeking it

422. I am a sucker for green eyes

423. I use to be into D and D

424. I think democracy is overrated

425. I just give up

426. I have never touched the bottom of my own feet

427. I suffer from low self esteem and bad hair

428. I get it, but I still don't like it

429. I believe the children are our future...blah blah blah

430. I want to talk to you about your feet

431. I need one thousand dollars

432. I love crowds

433. I cant relax

434. I have been known to just stop trying

435. I believe that life is underrated

436. I am a very needy self centered son of a bitch

437. I have never said this sentence

438. I will keep this lid tightly closed when not in use

439. I do not touch

440. I feel sorry for you

441. I am a girl

442. I live with a lesbian

443. I will support your choice to not make a choice

444. I use to know you before you knew yourself

445. I sleep til 1pm

446. I trust you

447. I will fight against my own government

448. I saw you fighting against the monsters inside you soul, and I know you will me

449. I pause

450. I love you more today , but tomorrow I may leave

451. I once saw a ghost

452. I miss your blue eyes and ruby lips

453. I created this so you would not have to destroy this to prove that you can create destruction

454. I was born on June thirteenth nineteen seventy six

455. I open up myself to let you in

456. I am hungry like a wolf

457. I feel felt up

458. I skim money off the bottom , and then put it on top

459. I stole it just for the fun of it

460. I can't stand it anymore

461. I rested about one mile ago

462. I currently have 10 dollars and 1 cent in my account

463. I ask many questions

464. I had sex last night

465. I was into you a long time ago, but now I just feel sorry for you and your children

466. I destroy everyone

467. I control alt delete you and your techno-democracy

468. I escaped along time ago

469. I think that most conceptual art is boring, and un-thought out

470. I call you boo

471. I hate thanksgiving morning

472. I could be the worst artist known to man

473. I claim to be something I am not

474. I might have a mild learning disability

475. I just don't ...and I don't know why

476. I am looking for another pure love

477. I just set up a work a day blog

478. I already have a gig on march 12th, but I don't have a full band

480. I feel as if im falling apart

481. I should just say fuck it and crawl into a hole

482. I am currently working on an art project

483. I am wondering if anyone here knows where I may buy it

484. I got clothes and a external hard drive

485. I have to have a PhD or something to be treated like a normal human being

486. I would like to start dating again

487. I met a cool girl named Selena yesterday

488. I woke up 2 hours early and stood at a cold bus stop for nothing

489. I don't consider this being stood up

490. I have decided to kill off the guy in the wheelchair

491. I met a very beautiful woman today named Roxy

492. I took care of a small money problem me and a good friend had

493. I would have gave up on life years ago

494. I over think relationships to the point of destruction.

495. I must learn to let things happen the way they will happen

496. I am at my best when im not thinking

497. I have decided to let the spirits that be take over my attempt to find someone to spend my life with

498. I thought about my mistakes and my failures

499. I need a sampler and a rapper

500. I have been exploring my self and my position in society

501. I act like a child

502. I was forced to hear 3 people have a very racist conversation

503. I am not a smooth talker

504. I fell for you and your green eyes

505. I am a Nazi hunter

506. I believe that race is a term made to hold down people we are threatened by

507. I think our culture is only as good as the last culture is bad

508. I think evil is a relative term

509. I bet you are wonderful in bed

510. I am only as cute as she is drunk

511. I believe in santa

512. I forgive you father

513. I organized a terrorist plot to overthrow the government salad bar

514. I hate deadlines

515. I own nothing I actually need or want

516. I am this, but not that

517. I cannot believe this is being said

518. I steal water

519. I heart throbbing gristle

520. I cannot stand you and your system of thought, but that being said im not much better then you

521. I eat pussy

522. I blame myself for the cross burning in my neighbors yard

523. I read six books a year

524. I break for flowers

525. I have tried pot

526. I live as I dream... alone

527. I suck at chess

528. I believe in UFO's

529. I want only what I cannot see

530. I like me

531. I think Mike Kelly is an underrated artist

532. I cannot type

533. I wont put you in my will

534. I am full of silver and spice

535. I got you under my thumb

536. I am universal

537. I found the gold at the end of the tunnel

538. I don't watch tv

539. I wish I could draw

540. I fly pan-am

541. I failed English

542. I believe in democracy and voting

543. I saw it on the news and I think he was framed

544. I watch porn

545. I am fucked

546. I promise that everything will be ok

547. I am naked under my clothes

548. I dig it

549. I am tripled filtered

550. I think tall women are sexy

551. I want to see heaven before I die

552. I am an interactive and sensory experience

553. I am full of communication and information technologies

554. I do movement and performance

555. I am going to be famous one day, and you will regret not buying this work of art

556. I am into nuclear war

557. I have a call for entries

558. I am a god for all occasions

559. I am a punk rocker

560. I have a headache

561. I will one day be a blue corpse floating in the Ohio river

562. I will take paper

563. I love west end girls

564. I talked to god and he said that everything he creates he eventually destroys

565. I never said that I hated you, but I might say it one day

566. I am for nothing

567. I like the feel of condoms

568. I am a king

569. I am a very ugly drag queen

570. I am indirectly responsible for the degradation of millions of women

571. I am a honky ass cracker

572. I ride on public transportation

573. I was you

574. I use to be smart

575. I believe that talent is overrated

576. I quest for the gold

577. I want to touch your naked belly

578. I would give birth for you

579. I want a girl to fool around with

580. I care because you do

581. I know a secrete

582. I wish I knew you better

583. I want to see your soul

584. I think this is tearing us apart

585. I feel lonely and desperate

586. I have never felt this alone before

587. I am such a cunt

588. I really could give a shit about your problems

589. I will weep for you when you die

590. I look but cannot see

591. I am an emotional wreck

592. I speak of flowers, but I think of war

593. I cant stand hippie shit

594. I walk in line

595. I feel as if you are a pillow on my face

596. I bled for three days

597. I trust your feelings

598. I think most modern art is nothing but people attempting to out think each other

599. I am at a point in my life

600. I race against my destination

601. I feel stiff

602. I want to fall for you

603. I live in a room full of illusions and fairy tales

604. I need an emotional editor

605. I say cruel things

606. I am not surprised that im single

607. I freak out

608. I have not seen this before

609. I am isolated

610. I tried the best I can

611. I am ashamed of the person I am

612. I cant only see beauty

613. I put my trust in you

614. I sleep on my left

615. I can't wait for revolution

616. I am tired of talking about change

617. I am the cheese

618. I was there in the back stage

619. I am the knife

620. I can see all the come backs

621. I have a picture of your house

622. I am daft

623. I am revolving at 900 miles an hour

624. I am 100 billion stars

625. I fink too much

626. I feel small and insecure

627. I saw your mothers daughters best friend eating a salad with a midget

628. I can do the cabbage patch

629. I jump in place

630. I sit around and look at things

631. I am helpless with out you

632. I died inside

633. I hope a meteor hits your car

634. I saw your number on the bathroom wall

635. I bite my lip

636. I seek you like a moth seeks fire

637. I am full of conflict

638. I need to be held down and punched in the face

639. I function most of the time

640. I blacked out

641. I put my hands there

642. I am such a wigger

643. I don't take prisoners

644. I am not a German

645. I like pop corn

646. I am not in the KKK

647. I am a hypocrite

648. I need red red wine

649. I feel a billion pounds in dept

650. I am not that kind of man

651. I am XXX

652. I am home

653. I need your money

654. I think the french are nifty

655. I kid

656. I will not say not

657. I aint doing nuttin that aint rock n roll

658. I heart Barry White

659. I need to get it on

660. I wont become this thing I fight against

661. I hate my state

662. I am a retarded intellectual

663. I sip and suck

664. I hear one hundred million angels singing

665. I feel R and B

666. I am the beast

667. I am running in circles

668. I think thoughts that only I can think

669. I can't let you be

670. I am far away from this

671. I am bossy

672. I need a better car

673. I am looking for peace, and I am finding stones

674. I feel for war criminals

675. I claim to be a wise man

676. I carry a large weight on my heart

677. I am talking for the future when I say stop

678. I hope I die before I get old

679. I see thing the way they could be

680. I slip downward

681. I will be judged by god

682. I will go on without you

683. I feel off white

684. I need a breast to suckle on

685. I deal with things as they come to me

686. I am a dictator

687. I sing in the rain

688. I am search for something I know

689. I point out the things I want to understand

690. I should call my sister

691. I smell you on my pillow

692. I hope they die

693. I am not a positive role model

694. I am sorry for not saying this sooner

695. I zoom and groom around the room

696. I never met her parents

697. I timed out

698. I think the gallery system is broke

699. I use to love her like a father loves his mother

700. I need to get punch drunk

701. I am not an entertainer

702. I read books about science

703. I quietly sulk in the corner of your bedroom

704. I feel fucked

705. I could figure this out

706. I trust in the big book

707. I saw you, and you saw me

708. I eat chicken 5 days a week

709. I once was a human

710. I am a monster in bed

711. I want to wash your hair

712. I drop , but cannot roll

713. I use these things to fight against myself

714. I think albinos are sexy

715. I am into s and m

716. I want to be the governor of indiana

717. I am not ok

718. I am in lust with your face

719. I don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

720. I thought I knew how not to fight against these thoughts

721. I am feeling fine

722. I need to go to Poland

723. I was just thinking about you

724. I bat for your team

725. I [ insert something witty here]

726. I will keep my eyes

727. I have lost all artistic integrity

728. I would rather piss myself

729. I fell down two days ago

730. I am a big baby

731. I heart Ishtar

732. I speak for tools

733. I believe in gods love

734. I am the metal lord

735. I am drowning in your love

736. I see the stars in your eyes

737. I have a love that will never die

738. I have a bigger devil

739. I need a sip to drink

740. I know that I am not a god, but I like to act the part

741. I want to party

742. I need a plan C

743. I know you are, but what am I

744. I feel as if I am wasting my time

745. I use my skin as armor

746. I am sick of your smart ass comments

747. I can see the edge of the universe

748. I am on fire

749. I need a body to hold

750. I will carry you no more

751. I rise to the fall

752. I am chillacked

753. I am a temple

754. I am on

755. I could stay here forever

756. I eat tofu

757. I own the sky

758. I know something very important

759. I am country radio

760. I am a heart breaker

761. I practice red medicine

762. I will follow you to the start of everything

763. I am youth for Jesus

764. I hate Jerry Lewis

765. I have not seen the dirt

766. I qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm am lazy

767. I love a man named ........

768. I strongly feel as if I am being judged unfairly by my peer group

769. I have something I cannot give up

770. I think I am going to be ok one day

771. I am a black hole

772. I just farted

773. I read books about art

774. I am stranded

775. I will kill a cop

776. I have the funk....or something

777. I am .38 special

778. I have more soul

779. I rock into the night

780. I force myself not to hurt you

781. I have been breaking glass in your room again

782. I am a troll

783. I am Bambi

784. I am a southern gentleman

785. I am a coast to coast radio program host

786. I love you mom

787. I am it

788. I felt your sister up

789. I am a skimpy ass mother fucker

790. I need to lose 20 pounds

791. I am from west Virginia

792. I bless America

793. I need to start to figure this out

794. I want to love you but I cannot, and because of this I must leave you here and now

795. I am trapped here with out you

796. I need the moonlight

797. I got to do nothing

798. I will die in my own house

799. I want to kiss your mother

800. I am such a dumb cracker

801. I am such a bastard

802. I will be your sisters ex-husband one day

803. I sleep with a t-shirt on

804. I can not understand how you stand to be around him

805. I think Bansky is nifty

806. I remember your childhood, and your grandmother made the best pan cakes ever created by man

807. I think you should give chuck swanson a hug

808. I am the owner of my emotional crisis

809. I need a better hickey

810. I think my kitten is cuter

811. I need more questionable content in my life

812. I hope your un-happy

813. I seldom display un-needed emotional facial movements

814. I got no mind

815. I smile at death

816. I don't think about anyone but you

817. I need to call angie

818. I will never trust my own body

819. I have lower body issues

820. I have 5 dollars to my name

821. I quit painting yesterday

822. I say do what you will, but hurt no one

823. I have never had underage sex

824. I held my friend as she cried over you

825. I think ill go down to the river

826. I am a knot

827. I was born yesterday

828. I hear it sung from way down low

829. I play noise

830. I believe in black Jesus

831. I live near Louisville Kentucky

832. I will forget my enemies

833. I am A positive

834. I will kiss your shoulders

835. I bled on your soil

836. I build fences

837. I up and split

838. I am a small particle of a larger idea

839. I type on white paper

840. I have never read fountainhead

841. I have a weapon

842. I am a communist

843. I voted pink

844. I hope you are having great sex with someone you love

845. I believe in fiction

846. I want to trust in Satan

847. I like porn

848. I am an elemental force

849. I shit your house

850. I stare at the sea

851. I am not into slint

852. I got it whole sale

853. I need a ho

854. I believe in the Easter bunny

855. I invented a new way of re-thinking history

856. I want to know what to ignore

857. I am a angry young child

858. I trust you will keep this under your hat

859. I trust in Moses

860. I believe in the middle way

861. I watch radio

862. I need a political party for people who do not trust political parties

863. I want you to be mine

864. I could write a book, but I wont

865. I got crabs

866. I succumb to your feminine ways

867. I move around you like a slug moves through quicksand on a warm spring day in new jersey

868. I live in fear of getting everything I want

869. I need a new Jesus

870. I never said anything I wanted to

871. I am a man-whore

872. I speak English like the Dutch speak German....or something

873. I am the third coming of Hugh hefner

874. I bleed for ice cream

875. I hurt so much

876. I will own this building one day

877. I think im overrated

878. I resonate

879. I am not a reasonable person

880. I said nothing and I meant it

881. I hope you die in your sleep surrounded by everything thing you love plus 100 angels of light

882. I defy you just to piss you and your rich art hanger-ons off

883. I own a grey kitten

884. I will wont

885. I have many dumb ideas that I know you will think are great ideas, but that being said did I

886. I see how I am, and I know I am not what I thought I was going to be at this point in my life

887. I will never be in a museum

888. I thought about it and its relationship between art and sex and I think size does matter

889. I know that you know that I know you think that I think that you think that I think you are thinking about what I may or may not know that I know

890. I kill for your meat

891. I am an artist, and its one of the few things I take seriously enough to tear it apart and watch it die

892. I know you are looking at this and thinking to yourself that you could've made this, but you didn't

893. I am a natural born son of a gun

894. I don't think word can hurt you, but I do think they can kill you if allow them to

895. I think art is like pizza, everyone has a different opinion of what should be in it, but know one wants to pitch in when its time to pay for it

896. I am a porno star waiting for his moment in the sun

897. I need a happy ending

898. I am a normal person who has normal needs and wants, but secretly wishes to be a leather queen

899. I struggle for acceptance

900. I am a crass person with no manners or enough money to make people ignore the fact that I am a crass person with no manners

901. I think ill stop here